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Free Medical Camp :

"Spirit OfFreedom Charitable Trust (SOFCT) is a part of the Indian Society of Healthcare Professionals network". Indian Healthcare Professionals (IHP) is an online platform aimed at enhancing information exchange amongst the Indian Healthcare professionals. To unleash the full power of the network effect for Healthcare Professionals.At that scale, this network would start creating a far bigger online as well as offline impact on the sector as a whole. SOFCT already works with over 50,000 health professionals across India. We encourage these health professionals to use this platform to share their ideas and innovations. Whether you are a Doctor, Nurse, Chemist, Physiotherapist, Paramedical staff, Public Health Professional or hold any other health sector expertise, SOFCT will find ways to use your expertise on a flexi-time voluntary basis to benefit the aged and the poor in your proximate geographies. We also post healthcare innovatations, innovative companies and ideas on this group. The hope is for these ideas to inspire youngsters and others to dream of businesses and innovative enterprises around healthcare.

Festivals :

Deepalaya strongly believes that every child, irrespective of economic status, has the right to education. With that in mind, there is no greater travesty than children being denied education, not because they’re unwilling, but because they cannot afford their books, uniforms and academic fee. By sponsoring a child’s education, you not only give the child a future, but also help reduce illiteracy and increase the child’s quality of life. When you sponsor a child’s education, you educate a child and all the future generations that are yet to come. As a sponsor, you will receive regular reports and updates regarding your ward’s academic and extracurricular activities.

Education For People :

Time and again we have shown our Spirits of togetherness and helped each other during such challenging stages. And in such situations it is undeniable that the children’s education takes a back step, further impacting their future. Identifying the post terror impact on these little ones, SOFCT is started Education Scholarship Program to support their education. Till date this project has successfully covered 100 children, out of which, many of them have completed their education with flying colors.

Food Packet Provider :

Millions of children in Rajkot go to bed hungry because their parents/guardians are not able to purchase food for them. Most of them drop out from schools so that they can help their parents and supplement the family income. Spirit Of Freedom Charitable Trust Food for Education program distributes free food prepared at our kitchens on a daily basis, to poor children if they attend any formal or non-formal educational class. It thus combines food with education-we now have a child who is educated and well fed also. The programme has been very effective in arresting the drop-out rate in schools. From 2005 till now we have distributed over 1 Lakh meals.

Swatchata Abhiyan :

Clean Cities efforts support reduced dependence on petroleum at the local, state, and national levels. Clean Cities activities include: ... Developing unbiased and objective information resources about alternative fuels, advanced vehicles, and other strategies to cut petroleum use.

Helping People :

Spirit Of FReedom Charitable Trust We might be biased at Rajkot , but based on our experience, we believe that we have attracted some of the finest human beings in little bodies on our Earth. We see brilliant minds and willingness to work hard to better themselves, their families and their country. All of our children at SOFCT come from below-poverty-level families–some are orphaned. Some have even been abandoned or voluntarily entrusted to us by families who could not afford to feed or educate them. A lot of them have been living in destitute conditions in high-crime tent cities. Some have been living under a bridge by a river which washed all of their belongings away in a hurricane. There are those that have been abandoned in a hospital by a teenage mother, conceived through prostitution or rape. A few of them have lost their parents in the devastating earthquake of 2010 or in other natural catastrophes.